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Languages International — Сочинение студентки

Татьяна из Владивостока поделилась своим опытом подготовки и сдачи IELTS. Поздравляем, Таня!! Надеемся, что твои советы пригодятся всем, кто планирует сдавать этот экзамен.

Tanya 1

I decided to do the IELTS preparation course in case I need it for my future. One more goal was to test myself and see whether it is possible to get a score of 5 (or more) at Academic IELTS with my level of English. Actually, I got 6.0 overall and was very happy

I really liked the method of teaching which was used by my teacher Katie as well as her personality. I’ve learnt new things about grammar, spelling, how to read fast and write in academic style. We were taught how to express our own opinions and how to impress an examiner. Nonetheless our lessons sometimes felt like a game, with the very positive results (most of the time :-)

I can think of a number of factors that made my IELTS course so effective. When a teacher shares her knowledge with us I always follow her instructions. Moreover I use what I’ve learnt not only in class, but at home and in the learning centre where there is a huge amount of books and audio-materials for IELTS. To reach your goal you need to be patient and hardworking as well as ambitious. You need to believe in yourself.

“Longer hours = better results”? Well it depends. In my experience, if a course is 12 weeks long and is well structured academically, it should be enough for the good exam preparation. As for me I prefer to concentrate on one or two targets at a time, keep focused and follow my study plan. In my opinion, the keys for success are motivation (i.e. why you need IELTS), patience, hard work, a knowledgeable teacher and good learning facilities.

I was so happy with my studies at Languages International that I decided to continue my education here… so now I am doing Cambridge Exam preparation course. In July I am going to study at UNITEC, taking on Diploma of Landscape Design which is my dream qualification.

Так держать, Татьяна!

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